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july catch-all for desmond

1. all of july: job hunting
Desmond might have a place to stay for now, but the little bit of money he was given isn't going to last forever, so that only means one thing: he needs to find a job. Keeping to Circle Daybreak and other witch-friendly territories, Desmond walks along the streets, keeping an eye out for any signs in windows that indicate a place might be looking to take on an extra pair of hands. Unfamiliarity with the city, though, means he has a hard time navigating, and it takes no time at all to get lost.

Meaning it's time to accost a stranger, giving them a sheepish grin. "Do you have a minute? I think I took a wrong turn somewhere."

Otherwise, you might see him come in to a bar or a shop, looking around for the owner or someone who looks like they might be in charge. If they're otherwise occupied, he might turn to you instead. "Sorry, but would you happen to know who I should talk to about getting a job here? I heard they're hiring."

2. all of july: bird's eye view
There's no better way to see the city than from the roofs, so Desmond can frequently be found hauling himself up along fire escapes and -- occasionally -- architecture, though he's careful to try and do it out of sight of main thoroughfares. Still that could mean you see someone scrambling up the side of a building,hear a scuffle of feet outside your window, or a soft thump and some low swearing from an alleyway when he doesn't quite stick his landing the way he's supposed to.

Once he does get to the rooftops, Desmond pulls out a pen and a map of London, turning it around in his hands and flipping through it until he gets to the page that corresponds to whatever he's looking at right now. Narrowing his eyes, he tries to match the skyline and the landmarks to the map.

"Guess who built this place never heard of urban planning, did they?" he says out loud, to no one in particular.

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Meanwhile, a small cat nose nudges at Desmond's hand, whiskers brushing the skin. Assessing the scent and magic of a newcomer. This particular coven is dominated by health-conscious witches who actually choose to go on morning jogs, consume liquefied vegetables and run in marathons. Hence the yoga studio. Mogget despises the lot of them, but the newcomer seems different. It's likely he got told to go to the nearest coven in his area without considering its suitability. Whatever happened, he's not without power which leaves Mogget wondering why he's holding a very basic book of spells.

The cat rubs his head along the witch's hand, intending to wake him up. He doesn't say anything just yet. He's curious to know whether the stranger has any idea who or what he is first.
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"Don't think we have," Mogget agrees, sniffing delicately at the offered hand. He allows the witch to scratch his ear before moving away to circle around him, getting an all-round view. "Your name?"

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Rhys left. He left a few days ago. And yes, Cole knows why and Cole knows that it's important and Cole knows that he and Evangeline couldn't stay but Rhys left and Cole couldn't leave and now Cole's alone. He's alone and he's terrified. He had a few people here who might be friends, might be people who could help, and one of them is Desmond. Desmond the spirit medium. Desmond...not his friend, not yet, Cole didn't really have friends, lost and lonely as he was. But Desmond could be one.

Thankfully, as Rhys left a few days ago, Cole hasn't completely faded away to nothingness yet (but he's so scared, tense and terrified, worried that it would happen soon). He still had some of his powers. And he could still sort of feel Desmond, he could know where he was. So SURPRISE, DESMOND you've got a frantic ghost teleporting just right in front of you and Cole just honestly doesn't know and/or care what Desmond's doing right now, especially considering he's on the verge of a panic attack.

"Can you keep me whole?"

Might need to take this conversation slowly.
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Cole has not realized in the slightest that Desmond's busy. It's entirely possible that he's forgotten that people don't want to be bothered while grocery shopping. So, Cole just still manifests in the middle of the shopping basket, not even bothering to move, a bunch of tomatoes creepily hanging out in the middle of his body, while still looking so worried all the while.

"Rhys left. I can't feel him anymore. You have to help, make me whole, keep me from hurting!"

He's not going to go back to that. That anchorless state of him haunting the alleyway, confused, worried, not understanding anything, lashing out to try and get people to see him. He refuses to be that Cole again.
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The problem with Cole is that even with Rhys's help, he still has a tenuous grasp on his powers. So, as he clenches his fists, can of baked beans telekinetically explodes at the end of the aisle. It's not out of malice or anger or anything: Cole's expression and Cole's tone of voice is one of pure fear. This is just him reaching out, reacting with his powers in ways he doesn't expect.

"Then where? We need to do this quick. I can't...I won't let it happen again."

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Desmond might notice discarded clothes on the corner of the rooftop. He also might notice that there was a rat running around on the roof, who froze when he showed up, watching him, seeming like he was unsure of what to make of this human who had just climbed the building he was on.

Roddy watched the man for a bit, wondering what it was he was looking for, or if this was simply a very unorthodox method of figuring out his way around the city. When he asked a question, however, Roddy squeaked, surprised. Was this guy talking to him?
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Clearly not talking to him, then. Although, Roddy decided, it wasn't as if though the man would have any reason to concern himself with a rat regardless. Roddy relaxed at that thought, and decided to act like a normal rat and scurried further away, until he was next to the wall of where the elevator let out on the roof (the way normal people got onto roofs), and started grooming himself.
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That got a reaction out of Roddy. There was indeed a wallet in the pants pocket. It contained a five pound note, an ID and a tube pass, which in the grand scheme of things wasn't worth much, but he still didn't want this guy taking it.

Roddy squeaked angrily, then started to dart at the man, making it halfway to him, before he hesitated. Rushing to defend his things was not only suspicious behavior for a rat, he also didn't want to take the chance that the man might react to the sudden arrival of a rat by flinging him off the roof. And so Roddy decided to just stand there, watching him intently to see what this man was going to do with his things.

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She's loafing around, leaning against a building and watching people walk by like, well,a bored teenager. Bored enough that when she realizes she's being called out, she actually looks relieved for a few moments.

"Sure I do," Girl says, rolling her shoulders. She smiles quickly, sticking her hands in her pockets. "I'm not best at navigatin' this place, but I might be able to tell ya how to get 'round. Where were ya supposed to be?"
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"Lucky Duck," she repeats, tone making it clear she's resisting laughter. He's right it's a hard thing to forget and she wracks her mind a moment before snapping her fingers. "Lucky you I think I've heard of that one. Uh, that way? I think. And a right hand turn when ya see the shop with the big dress display in the window."

Girl points the opposite way from where he came, leaving the directions off with a shrug. There are plenty of adults hanging around the pack and she overhears enough that she's somewhat sure she's right.

"Or I could look it up on my phone. The least I could do for someone who helped me out before." It's not hard for her to remember a moment of embarrassment in detail and, being a wolf, easy to catch on when a scent was familiar.
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She pulls her phone from her pocket but has to take a moment to laugh. "That was me. Don't worry. It probably sounded just as stupid in context."

There will be plenty of time to look back on things she's said and cringe when she's an adult.

"Not into gettin' the new versions? They're kinda worth it." She taps on her phone for a few moments then holds it up to him. There's a map on the screen. "Think I was pretty much on the money. Just a few shops down from where I said."

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There's always been something that Evie loves about meditation. Focusing on your breathing and looking inside of yourself- Henry Green had been quite fond of it, and his fondness had worn off on her. Even now, over a hundred years later, she always sought to meditate, and one of her favorite ways to do so was through yoga. Besides, it kept her spry, and this health kick that the world seemed to be on was pretty great.

Dressed in her athleisure best, Evie arrived at the yoga studio before her class. She shrugs off her light jacket, revealing her sports bra and black workout leggings. Sliding out of her shoes, her feet are bare. Contrary to all the black she wears, her yoga mat is a bright pink, tucked under her arm. Hot yoga, today. And after that, well, you can't go wrong adding a bit of blood to her usual after-yoga smoothie.
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Evie's already started to lay down her mat, bottle of water set out in front of her when she hears Desmond call.

She turns around smoothly and smiles at him, her fangs well-hidden. "Hello-" they never exchanged names. But she remembers him. "Glad to see you didn't fall and break your legs."
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Evie takes a moment to smile at him. "Yes- though admittedly it takes considerably more for me to break my legs than you." And she was not about to fall and break her legs any time soon.

"I do, from time to time. Sometimes it's nice to get out of my flat and into a classroom. Make sure my forms are right, maybe learn something new." She looks at him carefully. "You don't much seen the yoga type."

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