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I Know What I Did (Closed to Evie)

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It's almost morning when Natasha shows up at Evie's doorstep. She looks good, her color better than anyone in in London would have ever seen. There's more energy in her step, in her stance. Subtly, more confidence. She feels better too, at least physically. It's been well over a year since she wasn't on the edge of starvation, and if she'd ever managed to convince herself that it wasn't so bad, that illusion is thoroughly dispelled now.

Emotionally... she's still sorting that out. Maybe that's why she came here instead of going home.

She can't escape the suspicion that Evie will know what she did the moment she opens the door. And for good reason. The clues are all there—and Natasha didn't pick herself a stupid woman.
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It's safe to say that the moment Evie opens her door- clad in workout pants and a sports bra- she knows what has happened. Natasha smells different, and she looks different. Beautiful, absolutely fucking stunning. Not that she wasn't usually, but it was extra.

That's how she knows what's happened. Without waiting for any sort of anything, Evie reaches forward and grabs her girlfriend's hand, pulling her into her foyer. Down the hall, the soft music, something in Hindi, plays from Evie's iphone, incense in the air. All the relaxation Evie's worked on is gone.

"You drank again." Her brows are furrowed, her statement almost a question. There are so many questions here, that she can't think of where to begin. But one line ran all of her questions (with whom, why, what brought this out, what are you doing, why not with me, why didn't you tell me, etc.), shoving the others to the side: "Are you alright?"
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"And I'm sorry for that." Because she was. But that didn't stop the fact that she was concerned about Natasha.

She takes her hand.

"But are you alright?" She looks into her girlfriend's eyes, begging her to tell the truth. Because if Natasha wasn't okay, she'd do anything in her power to get her back there.
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Even before Natasha speaks, she's rubbing her thumbs over the other woman's knuckles, moving in a bit closer.

Honestly, she looks more than fine. She looks great. But she knew that Natasha had been trying to avoid human blood, and it was something Evie respected. She never fed in front of Natasha, certainly not from a human, at least.

So Natasha made a decision. A stupid one, but a decision, and presumably for the right reasons. That's a bit more surprising, honestly, than hearing that Cesare Borgia is the one behind it. Evie rolls her eyes. "Of course he did. What happened?"
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Evie presses her lips together. "Good- at least the girl's safe." And consenting, she certainly hoped.

"And are you alright?" She moves in a little bit, catching Natasha's eyes. "You're absolutely sure? Do you need anything? I can heat up something for you-" she'd been keeping animal blood on-hand for her girlfriend.
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Evie nods. "Okay. Sit anywhere you'd like. My room? I can leave you alone." Whatever Natasha wanted, she was prepared to give her. She'd give up on yoga for the day.

"I can draw you a bath, if you'd like?" Let her do something. She never did well when there was nothing to be done.
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"Of course. I've got some of those bath bomb things, if you want." She wanted to take care of Natasha in any way she could right now.

"Don't worry- after you get out of the bath, we can watch anything you want." She turns on the faucet, starting to fill the large tub up. "Use anything you'd like. I'll get something more comfortable for you to put on, too." Maybe fix up something light to snack on- the human food she was still so fond of.
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"No, you have nothing to apologize for," she says, reaching out to brush a lock of hair out of Natasha's face, and lean over to kiss her forehead.

"And I've got the fluffiest towels for you, as well. You relax and take as long as you want. Let me know if there's anything else I can get you- candles, tea, music, I don't know. Whatever you want."
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"Okay. Like I said, take your time. I'll be here." She'd finish up her yoga, then get on to finding some sweats for Natasha and fixing them some tea.

"What's mine is yours. Make yourself at home. I'll be outside."
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She looks absolutely perfect. Evie sits up straighter when she enters the room, and nods, extending a hand toward her.

"Of course. How was the bath? I've got some tea and biscuits here, if you'd like." She gestures at the tray she'd set at the end of the bed. "And most importantly-" she hands Natasha the remote.
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"Good." She moves the blankets so that Natasha can slide in next to her. With the kiss, Evie's got her head leaning against Natasha's shoulder.

"Of course. That's what girlfriends are supposed to do, I've heard. I wouldn't know, though, I'm new at all of this." She reaches over for her hand. "Do you want to talk, or ignore it completely?"
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Evie reaches over to take a lock of Natasha's hair in her hand and idly plays with it. She loved her hair.

"For now, it is. But I would like to know what happened."
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"Of course." Evie finds herself leaning in toward Natasha, placing her lips gently on her forehead. Oh, she's warm. She likes it.

"Take your time, but know I'm here whenever you wish to discuss. But I will be waiting." So don't forget to tell her, so she can go stab Cesare.
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She nods. "Alright. I just want you to be okay." She doesn't really move, keeping her girlfriend close to her.
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Absentmindedly, she starts to run her fingers through Natasha's hair, holding the other woman close. Evie presses her lips together, but doesn't dare pass judgement. She drinks, of course, from the willing.

"You made a brave choice." She says neutrally. "and did what you had to do to fulfill your mission."
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"You did." What more is there to say? "Did you get the information you required?" Goodness, she hoped so.
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"We will. And I'll be beside you for all of it." She pressed her lips to Natasha's forehead once more.
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The heat, she doesn't mind. Evie leans in so their foreheads are touching.

"You said something about a movie, then?"
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"-did I-?" and then she gets it. Oh, hello, Natasha's nose and closeness. And goodness, her warmth.

"I think we're all the entertainment we need for the night." TV was still new to her, all things considered.
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"I have the utmost faith in that." Evie moves slightly, turning to face Natasha more. Still holding her hand, she uses the other to reach over and touch her girlfriend's hip, gently test the waters.
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Well. Good. She kisses her deeper, reaching up to cup her cheek.
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Evie's second hand dips down to graze alongside Natasha's backside, grabbing on to her ass firmly, showing that she approved of Natasha's movements. Whatever she wanted tonight, she was welcome to have, Evie was sure of that much.
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There's a small exhale, almost a snort as Natasha's long, graceful fingers trace her ribcage. This was so much better than any sort of movie.
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Evie presses herself against Natasha as she tries to hold the other woman closer. One hand has since started to tease the idea of dipping past the waist-band of Natasha's pants, touching the bare skin just lightly.

"God you're so warm," she whispers breathily, between kisses.
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Every movement of Natasha's draws Evie in further, holding her tighter, kissing her harder. "Of course- if you want to." Because the way she was moving, the way she felt- Evie wanted to see more of it.
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Well then.

If Natasha wants to take the reins tonight, Evie is more than happy to let her- it's her night, she'd said. She could do what she wanted. She kissed her deeper, parting her lips and letting her tongue dance along the bottom of Natasha's lips.