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here's some song lyrics / for eames

Arthur never invited Eames to Hillingdon to talk, even when it was strictly business, so he wonders what Eames must even think when he tells him that's what he wants to do. The fact is that the wall of research he's created is far too bulky to move home and it's central to the conversation. In the middle of the wall is a laminated map of London with faction lines and points of interest and notes written on it in his particularly elegant but messy scrawl. Around that is a mess of news articles and notes and information that might not even seem relevant at first glance, but Arthur has decided it belongs on the wall, so on the wall it goes. It helps him think, to lay it out like this, but so far it hasn't produced a whole lot of action on his part and that's why he's bringing in Eames.

His makeshift office is near the end of a hallway so he only has to pay off a couple hunters to stand watch and make sure no one listens in. Bounty hunters are particularly easy to motivate with money and he offers them enough to turn away anyone who tries to come that way but to let Eames walk through when he arrives. Until that point he stares at the wall and moves things around as if that'll help an outsider understand the "system" he has going here.

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