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here's some song lyrics / for eames

Arthur never invited Eames to Hillingdon to talk, even when it was strictly business, so he wonders what Eames must even think when he tells him that's what he wants to do. The fact is that the wall of research he's created is far too bulky to move home and it's central to the conversation. In the middle of the wall is a laminated map of London with faction lines and points of interest and notes written on it in his particularly elegant but messy scrawl. Around that is a mess of news articles and notes and information that might not even seem relevant at first glance, but Arthur has decided it belongs on the wall, so on the wall it goes. It helps him think, to lay it out like this, but so far it hasn't produced a whole lot of action on his part and that's why he's bringing in Eames.

His makeshift office is near the end of a hallway so he only has to pay off a couple hunters to stand watch and make sure no one listens in. Bounty hunters are particularly easy to motivate with money and he offers them enough to turn away anyone who tries to come that way but to let Eames walk through when he arrives. Until that point he stares at the wall and moves things around as if that'll help an outsider understand the "system" he has going here.
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Eames half assumes something awful has happened when Arthur calls him to Hillingdon, and the walk down the hall to his office past the guards on watch doesn't really do anything to make it feel less like he's walking into an awful situation here.

He frowns when he gets in the room, looking behind him when he closes the door and then to the board, folding his arms over his chest as he walks further in the room.

"If you're looking to try out an office sex fantasy, you might want to make it feel a little less like I'm walking to the slaughter."
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"That doesn't help," he says as an aside and walks up to the board, assuming that's what Arthur's wanting to talk about, leaning forward to read the smaller clippings and things he's assembled. Quietly assessing while he waits for Arthur to explain what he's up to here.
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Eames' shoulders tense a little, but it's not really a surprise, it's not like they have any legal claim to the building. Really it's kind of impressive they held it down this long.

He doesn't want to think about Samantha getting the centre back and what that means though, instead gesturing to the board, "so what's this about?"
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"Fingers crossed, the Night Council should be reversing their position on summoning magic, which will make things a little more difficult for her."

It's not a solution, and he doesn't need Arthur to tell him that, but it's something. Something that gives him a little breathing room so he can think without it all being reactionary. Eames sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose, moving to perch on the edge of Arthur's desk with the sour expression of a man who's just having the worst time.

"I don't know what to do with her, not yet, but I'm about done playing by their rules."
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"Even if there was, she's not the sort of person who can be kept under your thumb." If it were that simple he'd just threaten her son, but somebody like her just gets crafty.

He shakes his head, "whatever it is has to be final, something she can't come back from."
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Eames makes a face as if to say 'obviously', but he doesn't say it out loud. He hasn't been caught for shit yet, and he very much intends to keep that streak up.

"Half wish I could string her up in front of the Courts," he says with a sigh, "see how she fares with our laws."
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Eames isn't so convinced it couldn't happen, and moreover he's evidently on a different wavelength to Arthur and goes quiet while he thinks about that, tapping his lip for a moment before gesturing at the board with a frown.

"Maybe it should be obvious if it's us."
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"It would be to make a point," he gestures broadly, obviously thinking it through as he says it out loud, "she vanishes, someone else steps in to take her place. So I make an example of her instead."
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He honestly, very nearly laughs, and though Eames manages to force that particular reaction down he still raises his eyebrows. Maybe if he were a little less burned, he'd see this as a pretty big leap, but he's had his safety and his livelihood threatened too much over these last few years to think this is something that could be solved in a clandestine manner.

"Well that's very much the point, isn't it?" Eames says simply instead. Patiently waiting for whatever objections Arthur has to raise.
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"What's that line from The Prince? 'It is far safer to be feared than loved.'" Granted, it was likely satirical (he didn't know Machiavelli personally but the evidence is there,) but the statement still rings true.

He's fidgeting idly with one of Arthur's pens, ignoring the urge to start clicking it, and he gestures with it when he speaks like it's underlining the important parts of what he has to say.

"Do I want mortals to feel threatened by us? Not especially. But if that's what it takes, then it's what it takes."
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"I can't keep thinking just about the problem that exists now," god but he wishes it were that simple. Just get rid of Samantha and move on. Eames shakes his head, frowning, "whatever I do has to have a lasting effect, beyond her. It has to be something that makes whoever comes next really think about what they're going to do, because all that's happened so far is I'm getting rid of problems and leaving a space for something worse to step in."

Eames pushes a hand through his hair, more than a little exasperated. The fact that it's showing this much should say a lot about how he's feeling about this.
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"Thanks," and he means it. He really does appreciate how helpful Arthur's been in all of this, maybe he should buy him some fancy scotch or something.

But that's for later, and Eames shakes his head, "just need to figure it out first."
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Eames raises his eyebrows and puffs out a sigh, he's not sure about what would help right now except divine intervention. He needs some time to think about it really, to figure out what options are available, which ways forward there are.

For now though, he quirks an eyebrow and looks up at Arthur with a smirk, "where do we stand on the office sex?"
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It's about what he expected, so Eames isn't particularly let down by it, but he still reaches out to tug Arthur closer with an awful smirk.

"Sure you don't want to bend me over this desk?"
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Eames pulls Arthur over to stand in front of him and shimmies a little to sit on the edge of the desk, "I can be quiet."
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Eames laughs softly and rests his hands on Arthur's hips, pulling him a little closer so he can lift his head to nose lightly at his neck.

"It's a different sort of fun," Eames counters, mostly just trying to get a bit of making out in here before he has to leave, but hey. If he can bring Arthur around on the office sex, that's really just a win for everyone.
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Eames chuckles and murmurs a soft "alright," as he presses a couple of light kisses along the underside of Arthur's jaw, "this is good too."
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Eames hums lightly, a pleased sigh slipping out of him when he tilts his head up to kiss Arthur properly and wraps his arms around him. They probably can't stay at this for long, and he does wonder a little if there's something else Arthur wanted to talk about too.

He's giving that less thought than mentally rearranging the rest of the day to free up his night though.
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Alright, yeah. He's definitely clearing his evening for that. It's not like he couldn't live without Arthur fucking him over a desk, but he's hardly gonna pass up the chance once it's been presented.

Eames makes another pleased noise, lower this time, one that sits in his chest, and drops his hands to Arthur's ass. "I'll be over tonight then," he says. Presumptuous, maybe, but given the mood Arthur was in when he got here it also seems a fair assessment that he doesn't have any plans other than work.
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Eames doesn't move his hands at all, they're pretty happy on Arthur's butt. He even gives it a gentle squeeze at the mention of scotch as if to confirm it's a good idea.

"In the meantime..." he lifts his chin in a gesture to the board, "was there anything else you wanted to talk about? While I'm here, you know."
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Eames shakes his head in response. If there was anything else, he's certainly not thinking about it anymore, and he pulls his hands around to rest on Arthur's hips with a sigh.

"I should let you get back to your work, in that case."
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"Sure thing," and off he goes. All casual as he leaves Arthur's office to go get an entire afternoon and evening's worth of work done in a few hours.