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Eames. ([personal profile] falsify) wrote in [community profile] undergrounds2017-06-23 05:39 pm
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Sucking in a smokescreen (for Cooper)

Loathe as he is to ever interact with Cooper in any capacity, the annoying little vampire is Eames' best bet to make any steps forward. And whilst he doesn't expect the little shit is any more sympathetic to what the fae are going through, he knows that Cooper isn't an idiot and he can surely see which way the wind's blowing.

More than that, Cooper owes him.

And he's not a fan of leveraging favours for politics, but needs must. And with Hillingdon still maintaining their hold on Richmond, he needs to get the wheels in motion before Samantha manages to get back into the Innovation Centre. So, here Eames is, having even done the courtesy of making an appointment, having a friendly chat with the woman working reception while he waits to be seen.

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