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Sucking in a smokescreen (for Cooper)

Loathe as he is to ever interact with Cooper in any capacity, the annoying little vampire is Eames' best bet to make any steps forward. And whilst he doesn't expect the little shit is any more sympathetic to what the fae are going through, he knows that Cooper isn't an idiot and he can surely see which way the wind's blowing.

More than that, Cooper owes him.

And he's not a fan of leveraging favours for politics, but needs must. And with Hillingdon still maintaining their hold on Richmond, he needs to get the wheels in motion before Samantha manages to get back into the Innovation Centre. So, here Eames is, having even done the courtesy of making an appointment, having a friendly chat with the woman working reception while he waits to be seen.
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Cooper is sitting in his office, and knowing he was going to be meeting with Eames, he's actually dressed up decently nice for one, in clothes that fit. It's not a full-on suit, but he can pull off a vest and button down shirt very nice.

At the appointed time, Eames comes in. He'll notice two things: one is that Cooper's chair has been deliberately set up so he's taller than whoever he's facing in the one across his desk. The other is that he's got a cabinet that reeks of magical protection, spells layered upon it so no one can get into it but Cooper. He's stolen some alcohol from Cesare's office, so there's a fairly decent selection. "Come on in. Let's get right down to it and talk shop."
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Cooper already had a very good idea as to why Eames was here. His words confirm it. Cooper leans forward in his seat, hands folded on the desk while a thoughtful expression crosses his face. "'N why should I do that?"

Of course, he could think of several good reasons. He'd been the one to screw this up, so he had to be the one that fixed it. Everyone from Nancy to Joss had told him as such. Plus there was the fact Eames had saved his life. Owing the fae his continued existence was a pretty good reason on his own. But Cooper could be rather ornery when he wanted to be. The fae had never been any friends of him. He wasn't sure trying to mend fences was going to do anything besides get his neck stuck out again. He'd rather prefer for it not to be lopped off.