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The Center Reopens [Closed/ dated to law being passed about fae and torture and it being bad]

Daryl wasn't happy to be doing this, but in terms of property matters, he had little recourse. He could keep Daybreak out of the center so long as they insisted on breaking Hillingdon laws. Once they stopped - and they had to stop if they wanted to be seen as doing things the proper way - he had no legal recourse for continuing to keep them out of the building. It wasn't like Hillingdon had the means to get away with occupying it.

Shame that a fire hadn't broken out at some point, too.

He sat on the steps outside the main doors in much the same manner as the day he'd forced Daybreak to retreat. Local stray cats gathered around him to both keep him company and to help him if the negotiations went bad. Daybreak had broached the topic of the center being returned to them as soon as the law was voted through. Trying to salvage something out of it, no doubt. Getting the Center back would feel like a win, however Pyrrhic.

So he was there, as the one that had led the take over, to be the one to return the Center to Daybreak's control.
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In the end the building was legally owned by Circle Daybreak (or more specifically, Samantha), even if Richmond was no longer witch territory. That was the argument they had made and so after a month of tense stand-offs and the Centre being a no-go zone for witches, Mogget was here to broker the final deal.

He walked up in human form, though there was still something rather cat-like about his eyes as they fixed on the strays surrounding Daryl before looking up at the man himself.

"Better than rats," Mogget said. "Are they here as witnesses?"

There was the slightest of mocking undertones to his voice. The cats did not threaten him, and beside he didn't need to be threatened. He had come alone.
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"I am here on her say so," he replied evenly, choosing not to rise to the bait. "As I am in all things. You know, we don't have to make a ceremony out of this. You could simply leave."

Despite being a feline shapeshifter, he was like an old dog ferociously guarding the place, refusing to leave.