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June Catch-All

Open prompt; June 15th, border of Hounslow and Ealing
Luckily for Ellie, her school was safely located in eastern Hounslow, and her home not far from there. It's not werewolf territory, but it's not territory where anyone will try to kill her or anything like that, according to her various pack members.

However, it was far enough away from the den that it made trips to and from a pain in the ass, particularly because she had to skirt around vampire territory to get there.

Still, Ellie was celebrating her last day of school by...not being in school. At about nine in the morning, she managed to slip away from the building and was walking down the street, backpack slung over her shoulders and headphones in place. She was trying to hum the guitar riffs, which didn't work out so well, but it was kind of fun in its own way. The only problem was that she wasn't really paying attention to the area around her. That made it easy to stumble into someone.

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Word travels fast in a pack; it doesn't take long for someone to corner Girl and inform her she's no longer the only teenager. It's exciting news for someone who was used to always been the 'kid' of the group, used to the special attention and edged rules that came with it. She didn't think having someone else around would change anything, or even take much heat off her, but at least she finally might have someone to gripe to.

So when her snooping around the living quarters turns up a familiar voice, Girl can't help but be pleased. And, honestly, surprised.

"And it's you!" She stops awkwardly in Ellie's doorway, eyes wide and confused but smile genuine. "Heard the rumor buzzin' that we got someone new. If I'd known you were lookin' to join up with a different pack I woulda offered to bring ya here from the subway."

Girl makes a quick visual sweep of the room, gaze lingering on the collection of comics laid out. Her grin twitches wider. "Are you stayin' here?"
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"Oh?" She frowns, head cocked to the side when Ellie hits herself. She shakes it off at the news, grin coming back full force. Girl might not live in the Den herself, but she's here as often as she physically can be.

"That's kinda awesome. Your folks are just cool with that? Think my uncle would flip if I didn't come back at least a few times a week," she says, tone impressed. She'd kill just to stay out the vacation.

"Wait, you didn't- Oh." Girl doesn't find it embarrassing. Confusing certainly, but Ellie's not the first wolf around here that's admitted to the Girl about being new. "The way you were talkin' I thought we were on the same page. I must have sounded like a total weirdo, ramblin' on bein' born in it and shit."

"What did you think I meant?"
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"Foster care? I-no. Sorry." Girl scratches her neck awkwardly, shaking her head. She'd assumed Ellie treated her clothes the same way she did, rough and uncaring. A statement more than a reflection of lifestyle. "I didn't know, sorry. But everyone here is great, ya know. So you'll probably like stayin' here."

It must make her sound insensitive to be asking about parents. Girl looks around the room, casting about for something to turn the conversation away from how awkward she feels.

"So, um, a comic fan, huh?" It's not a brilliant segue, but the last thing Girl wants to do is linger on something she thinks will upset Ellie and cost her a chance at making friends with the first teenage wolf she'd met.
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Party doesn't remember why he's at the den, but that happens about once a week. Sometimes he's just partying somewhere closer to the den than his own place or sometimes Ghoul's busy and he hates his latest piece of art and he just doesn't want to face it by himself. Either way, he walks into the kitchen wearing a blanket and looking like he's still asleep.

"Coffee?" His voice is rough and scratchy.
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"Ain't for good little kids to be skippin' school."

The Dodger couldn't talk - he'd never set foot in the place other than than to case one out for their new laptops. He kept a head on the dates though, for when people would be in there or not. Tended to be useful. He smirks at the girl - a young werewolf, if he was any judge - and tilted his head.

"An' what if the truant officer came lookin'? What you gonna be doin' 'bout that?" He smirked again - not cruelly, at all, but like he was playing some game and inviting her to join him. "Suppose a good bloke like meself could show you places to be that ain't gonna get people looking."
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There's a laugh. "Fair dos. Reckon they've been after me for years. Ain't never step foot in one of those places." Well, except when he was casing one for the new laptops. That had been a good job