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Cesare Borgia ([personal profile] longterm) wrote in [community profile] undergrounds2017-06-13 10:00 pm

Old Habits

The sensible part of Cesare knows that talking to Lydia is a terrible idea. It's risky, reckless and foolish. It can likely do nothing but harm his position as president. But the other part of him knows that she's just learned from Nancy how to give good head. For some reason that point seems considerably more compelling.

He waits a while before sending her a text, inviting her to his hotel. He at least has the sense not to invite her to any official government buildings, but instead to his own private business. In fact, even once she's there, she's subtly whisked away by the staff, up to one of his suites, so that the two of them aren't linked together. Appearances are very important to him.

He smirks when she walks into the room, already pouring the two of them drinks.

"Lydia. How are you? A lot has happened in the brief time since I last saw you," he asks, leading the conversation towards talking about his presidency. Apparently his ego is the thing that he wants stroked first.

(Warning: There's probably going to be smut in here.)

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