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Old Habits

The sensible part of Cesare knows that talking to Lydia is a terrible idea. It's risky, reckless and foolish. It can likely do nothing but harm his position as president. But the other part of him knows that she's just learned from Nancy how to give good head. For some reason that point seems considerably more compelling.

He waits a while before sending her a text, inviting her to his hotel. He at least has the sense not to invite her to any official government buildings, but instead to his own private business. In fact, even once she's there, she's subtly whisked away by the staff, up to one of his suites, so that the two of them aren't linked together. Appearances are very important to him.

He smirks when she walks into the room, already pouring the two of them drinks.

"Lydia. How are you? A lot has happened in the brief time since I last saw you," he asks, leading the conversation towards talking about his presidency. Apparently his ego is the thing that he wants stroked first.

(Warning: There's probably going to be smut in here.)
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Gosh! She's barely had chance to catch her breath, or take in the sumptuous grandeur of the hotel before Cesare has pounced.

"Is this really yours?" She breathes, eyes still slightly wide as she takes in the splendour of the room. Suddenly, the pretty skater dress she'd donned to show off her small waist doesn't seem nearly special enough to wear here.

"You're actually really rich, aren't you? And important? Mr. President?" She adds his title with an almost shy smile. "I can't believe you phoned me again after the ass I made of myself at the party. I thought you'd think I was too young for you. I'm glad you didn't!"
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"I am completely old enough." She grins as he comes closer and raises her hands so that she might rest them on his chest.

"And you are completely handsome enough to do anything for. No wonder you are president. I bet nobody could resist voting for you."
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Her grin widens at what she perceives to be a compliment.

"You have to pretend to be all boring and serious. No one will know how sexy you actually are. That'll be our secret, right?" she asks, playing coy. She moves her hand over his torso, down towards his stomach. "No one is going to realise how incredibly fit you are."
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Does Lydia see what he's saying? She heard 'gorgeous' and it's made her smile. Is this just the most romantic thing that could possibly ever happen to her? Imagine! She's like a secret courtesan, the most beautiful - no, gorgeous - girl in the whole of London, being smuggled in to be the King's secret lover. In her mind, she's almost turned their relationship into a fairytale.

So, she smiles - genuinely smiles - up at Cesare.

"I'll be the epitome of decorum." She twinkles. "I promise. No one will know that we're together."

She goes to unbutton his shirt. After a minute, she asks, "Can I tell Nancy?"
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"She's my best friend!' Lydia's quite satisfied with that. "And she's been teaching me… things." She moves away from Cesare, going to sit on the bed, looking up, laughing, trying to tease him.

"Things you might be interested in. Things you might love!"

She beckons him over. "She's taught me everything. How to drive men like you mad."
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She bites her lip as he comes closer, giggling. Oh God, she hopes she can remember all of Nancy's moves.

"She taught me how to get you all hot and bothered. How to give you a blowie and a hand job and all sorts. She reckons I'm good at it."

She scrabbles up to her knees on the bed. "Shall I show you? I'd love to see you lose it, just once!"
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"She did." Lydia grins. He might be feigning it, but she can tell that she's at least caught Cesare's attention and that's really what she's interested in.

She bites her lip at his question. "Why don't you come over here and see?" She tries to make her tone seductive.
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That makes her laugh, not quite out loud but more a breathy chuckle.
"Whatever you want."
She reaches back to the zip of her dress, slowly dragging it down and slipping it from her shoulders. Beneath the dress, she wears pretty lingere, ivory and black lace, a little bit padded,but definitely pretty against her pale skin. There's no delicate way of removing the dress completely though, as she's still on her knees, and inwardly, she curses. He is so not finding this sexy. She puts her hands on the bed, and effectively wiggles her way from the dress. The whole time, her eyes are on his face, trying to read his expression. Does he approve?
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Her breath catches as his fingers tease, and she can feel herself quivering beneath his touch. But no, he's already asking her again. Time to get it together, Lydia. Time to impress.

Oh God, she hopes she's doing this right.
She smiles what she hopes is a lascivious smile as she leans forward again. "Come here then, handsome," she says, and she goes to try to undo his zipper with her teeth. She's not thought about the button on his trousers though.
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Re: (Warning for smut. NSFW.)

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No, that wasn't one of Nancy's trick. That little attempt had come from a half remembered bit of a well thumbed book she'd read over and over. By the time Cesare actually undid his trousers, Lydia is beet red. This isn't how it ever goes in books.

So when he says that he has high expectations, she nods. "I swear, I can do better than that. Just… just forget that bit," she gabbles. As seductively as possible, she straightens up, and lightly runs a finger down the underside of his dick. That's what Nancy said, right? Play with it, stroke it, touch his balls… Lydia tries to make sure she does everything that Nancy has told her about.

"I told you," she says. "You want me now, don't you? And we're only just getting started!"
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She moves her mouth a little, so she's sucking just the tip of his thumb just a little bit. Is that weird? It might be weird. "I'm going to make you come." She tries to sound confident like she's done this a thousand times or more. "I'm going to put your dick in my mouth and I'm gonna make you beg for it."

Is it right to say that? Too late now, she supposes. She grins, her eyes sparkling with the fun of it. Has she finally got it right?
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Oh thank God he likes it! She relaxes into herself, especially when he starts talking dirty. Her cheeks flush and her tongue curls around his thumb a little bit as she imagines how she'll react to what he describes. Her hips move a little without her even realising it, as if she's almost gently grinding on thin air.

"Oh gosh, do it," she exclaims breathily. She bites her lip, hesitating, as he plays with her hair. How she longs to kiss him. She arches her back, pushing her breasts forward, the better for her hair to rest properly.

"Kiss me, Cesare."
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That was a good kiss. Lydia smiles, quite lost in her daydream as she sinks back on her heels. Oh that man. He must be a god of some sort!

She's snapped back to reality at the sound of Cesare's belt. This time, she doesn't make the same mistake, and instead waits for him to unbutton his trousers. She licks her lips, just subtly.

"Hello, Mr. President," she giggles as he presents his cock to her. But her laughter soon stops. She has to get this right. She runs her finger from tip to balls underneath his penis, as Nancy had taught her. Twice. Three times. Now, a kiss, just light to the very tip of it, to show… to show you worship it. That bit, Nancy hadn't taught her, but Lydia had read enough of that dirty book of her mother's to know.
Then… oh blow.

She checks Cesare's face. Is there any emotion at all? Does he like it?

She bends her head to kiss his dick again, before taking him, just a little, in her mouth.
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She murmurs around his cock, something half mumbled about a book, but it doesn't seem to matter any more. That groan tells Lydia all she needs to know, and she lets him guide her now.

Lydia does what Nancy told her, relaxing so she can take Cesare deeper. Now though, she keeps her eyes fixed on his face. She'll take her cues from him now.

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How far? Lydia, quite unable to speak, and still flushed with embarrassment from the noises she made earlier, looks up at Cesare again. Hopefully, he can read the question in her eyes. Nancy had never said anything about going far.

She lets Cesare take control though, guiding her to take more. When he hits her gag reflex, though, Lydia immediately goes to pull back. There's slight panic in her eyes: is that supposed to happen? She goes to rest her hands on Cesare's thighs, a silent plea for him to help her out here.
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She does as she's told: well, it's not like she can do much else without causing a massive scene and probably wrecking their relationship forever.

It's hard to deep-throat, even if she's not doing it properly, and she chokes more than once, and goes to pull back. But every time, she sees Cesare's face and feels just that little bit guilty for not giving him what he wants. So she lets him push her more and more until she really can't go any further. By now, her eyes are watering just a little, and her fingers are clutching Cesare's leg just a bit harder than necessary. Her hand moves on what is left of his cock, trying desperately to get him off now. It's making him happy, though. She can see it from his expression. He's happy and he's at least a bit pleased with her. It gives her a warm glow, and a tingly feeling in her stomach that makes her push all the more to take him just that bit further.
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She's surprised when Cesare moves her head back a bit, but grateful nonetheless. Her heavy breathing slows and begins to regulate again, her eyes stop watering, and her fingers pressing into his leg ease the pressure. She keeps her mouth open as directed, and moves her hand away. She's done it! Thank God! Hopefully, they can go back to pure sex now.
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No, she remembers Nancy's warnings - let them come. Swallow it down if they want it, or get rid of it in the loo if they're not bothered. It doesn't mean she has to like it though.

Once he's come, she closes her lips, holding it on her tongue for now. She smiles through her closed lips though. She's actually a little proud. Look what she's done for him. Look how satisfied he is. She's done that. She must be pretty alright at this blow job thing after all.
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She swallows uneasily. She can't think what else to do.

Weakly, she nods as she sinks down properly onto the bed. She wipes her teary eyes gingerly, spreading mascara across her cheekbones.

"Did you like it?" Her voice comes out a little croaky. "Was it right? I tried to do exactly what Nancy said."