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[a catchall for june; prompts will be added to the top post as I write them!]

Arthur spends most of his time with the door closed now, but quite often one can find him in the kitchen staring down the coffee maker as he waits for it to finish brewing. He's drinking more and more of it these days, which is fucking up his sleep, which just necessitates more coffee so he can sit and worry endlessly about all the shit that's going on right now. He's almost wearing a groove in the floor where the shortest distance from his makeshift office to the kitchen is, and while he'll answer the door if knocked, one may have better luck stopping him in the hallway or the aforementioned kitchen while he has a fresh mug in his hands.

Arthur's even groggier than usual when he wakes up the night after the rave. He didn't go, of course, but it feels like he hasn't had enough sleep. The reason why becomes clear when he turns his head, sees another person in his bed, and remembers the scene several hours ago when "Kathryn" showed up at his door and managed to find her way into Arthur's bed without much input from Arthur himself. It's not that he minds, but the additional fogginess of the morning is not welcome, and it takes a few extra minutes of laying in bed frowning before he finally concedes and gets out of bed in search of coffee. It's late for him but he has nothing he absolutely has to get done today so he takes his time, grabbing some coffee and getting his laptop out to read the news while he waits for Eames to rise out of bed.

It only took a little bit of back-and-forth to get this meeting set up. Once it became clear that Hillingdon was going to try to hold Richmond going forward he wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page, and that meant talking to Islington to make sure they'll show up if Hillingdon needs help maintaining control.

Their meeting place is a rented office space just outside of Islington territory. Arthur has a few of these that he rents by the week or by the month when he needs to meet with clients for his day job or for things like this, when Hillingdon House wouldn't be appropriate.

The days are getting longer, so Arthur suggests something well into the evening. He knows Jean-Claude probably has his fair share of Daylight jewellery, but he figures it's only polite, and the street he looks out on is bustling with activity as people head out to the bars or come back from dinner. It's a nice background noise as he sits there half an hour ahead of time reviewing some notes he's made.

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