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Midsummer mischief

1. Break-in at Samantha's flat, Kensington, mid-June (for Roddy and Dodger)

It seems like an ordinary night. Mogget is sleeping in his cat bed in Anthony's room, as he always does. The little boy is sleeping soundly, while Mogget is under strict instructions to protect the child and to never, ever ask or let him take off his collar. Mostly he avoids any sort of interaction with the boy; he's not going to risk getting his tail pulled.

Samantha sleeps in the room next door. Next to her is the bathroom and on the other side of the hallway is a spare room that is being used as a study. Samantha's laptop is in here, along with a number of files and other items related to her work.

There are wards on the house too, magical wards designed to deter fae (except him, of course) and to prevent witches from using magic to spy or break in. It's secure enough that they've never had any problems, although the security is nothing like as sophisticated as what he was used to at Sylvia Redbright's house. But Samantha's flat is also far less well-known; she doesn't use it for meetings nor does she advertise where she lives. She prefers to keep her home life private.

That suits Mogget just fine too. There's a glimmer of moonlight seeping in through the curtains as he sleeps, peaceful and still.

2. Magical Innovation Centre, Richmond, post-rave, 15th June (open)

He's given to understand that the police broke up a rave outside the premises last night and it certainly looks like it. Broken bottles and food wrappers litter the streets and there are several buildings with graffiti sprayed on the walls. This used to be a good neighbourhood. Now no self-respecting witch will go near it and so Mogget has been sent in to assess the damage and take a look around the building – hopefully without getting caught.

He pads across the lawn in cat form and pauses to sniff at a discarded flyer. Hillingdon have got a lot to answer for.

3. Litha celebrations, a park, 21st June (for witches and allies)

He hasn't been an Unseelie for millennia and yet this day still makes him either sleepy or grumpy. Sometimes both. Summer, even the cold wet English summer, is not his time. As usual the witches are doing their dancing and chanting around the midsummer bonfire, while Mogget slinks away beneath a picnic table and watches from a distance.

As the evening draws on and the shadows lengthen, he loses interest, yawning a couple of times before curling up into a tight ball and closing his eyes. The celebrations will go on until dawn. Frankly, he'd rather get some sleep.

4. Choose your own adventure! Hit me up with your own prompt.

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