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Butterfly in Blue: Catchall for June

WHO: Mako & YOU
WHAT: Mako does stuff everywhere 
WHERE: Everywhere; Hillingdon, near East End, etc etc
WHEN: June! 
NOTES:  Wanted: Full Moon Woofs, Shifters, Fae,  Everyone.


Mako lined each piece of the engine up just-so, cleaning, polishing, greasing, fixing each one up until she was satisfied with the way the whole fit together.  She didn't care if she has streaks of grease here and there, this was her favourite thing.  It was just some old junker but since her arrival she'd been working on it piece by piece, rebuilding it not because it was someone's but just because it was something to do in between the moment she spent out on the road with Gipsy.  The itch never left, that driving need to find a fae but so far, no bites.  

Soon, though.

She had some books which she spent most evenings going through but nothing beat mulling things over while rebuilding an engine of a vehicle someone had given up on.  Mako hadn't spent much of her savings on much of anything but buying parts for a neglected MGA? That was worth a splurge.  Besides, it was going to be the splashiest of reds when she was finished with it.  Putting the engine back together and getting it back into the car itself was the best kind of puzzle and once she was done, she sat there grinning.

"Much better," she said, checking hoses and lines.  "You'll run better than you ever did before, won't you?"  There was way too much body work to be done but she had all the tools, really.  It really was bare metal at the moment but she'd sand and polish and fix it until it shone.  She was mostly in the bonnet, fiddling around with the last placements when she realises she's not alone anymore.

"If you would, please hand me the cloth over there and the socket wrench next to it, please?" she asked, her voice a little muffled.


Training was something she did every day without fail, usually in the early mornings.  It's usually Aikido or a mix of, well, a little bit of everything she knows.  Much like her love of mechanical engineering, Mako's love of martial arts was something she couldn't deny herself.  It was a part of her normal routine and had been since she was very small.  She had a set of bushido fighting sticks she pulled out each morning near dawn to work with, secretly hoping she'd get a partner if they were up and willing.  Today was the same as the last, her movements precise, her energy unwasted as she moved through kata after kata, flowing from one motion to the next.  She was an athlete, deadly with her aim as she chased imaginary enemies down and finished them off.  

Mako paused after her first set and rolled her shoulders as she bounced on the balls of her feet, itching for a good sparring session.  It was there in the way she centered her gravity as she came down.  She wanted to play so badly.

"Chasing shadows," she grumbled as she sheathed her 'sword', "is not very satisfying." 


Mako had been watching the blue butterfly for about an hour with a concentrated expression on her face as it flitted from place to place but never strayed from the area of grass Mako had laid herself in.  Her hair was damp, drying in the wind as she  lay reading about fae and the best ways to approach them.  The butterfly was suspicious, more so when it landed on her nose and fluttered there as Mako froze, practically cross eyed.

Should she move?  Catch it?

Stare at it until she was sure it was not fae?  It could be.

"I see you," Mako said in a super quiet voice.

A few minutes passed with the butterfly still sitting there, gently fluttering its wings.

"Are you fae?" she finally asked in the quietest of whispered.  "I could use some fae help, please."

4. Wildcard: Anywhere you want!  Mako's everywhere. 

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