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[Open] June Catch-All for Shea's Characters!

[Here we go again, new month, same ladies. A few starters in the comments, hmu for something specific. I just want a place to put stuff. Carry on!]
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"Nancy!" Lydia's cheeks coloured rapidly, and she hastily closed the door behind Nancy and pulled her towards her bedroom."
"Shhhh! The other girls here don't need to know!"

Once inside the bedroom, she closes that door too. "Oh my God, Nancy!" she starts. "It was so big! When he took it out, I nearly fainted!" She can't even bring herself to say 'penis', let alone 'dick'. This is going to go well.
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Lydia nods, giggling. "Yep - huge! I thought I was going to die - no way was he getting that up - well…" She cuts herself off, still giggling though there's an embarrassed air to her laughter now.

"I'm sure I didn't have a clue, but he seemed pleased enough."
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"Does it?" Lydia immediately goes up in her own estimations. "Well, I don't know if I took it all… he kinda did most of the work, you know? I didn't have a clue what I was doing."

She blushes again, but nods. It was a shame that Cesare had misunderstood her trying to tell him she was a virgin for thinking it was her first time as a prostitute, but Lydia's happily oblivious to this.

She tries to peer into the bag. "What are they?" She sounds slightly appalled.

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Re: cw for sex ed

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For Katherine, early May

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There were few situations Laura imagined she could get herself involved in so early that would make her meeting with Katherine loom darker on the horizon. She'd gone against orders in order to partake in Hillingdon's capture of the newly opened Institute, and even had some beautiful flowers she'd purloined from their gardens sitting on her desk. Further more, she was new, not only to the pack, but to London and to being a wolf. She knew what she'd look like, some strange upstart coming out of nowhere asking questions, but she had them, and she wanted a straight answer.

So Laura had taken it upon herself to schedule a meeting with their Alpha, and arrived dressed in a well-pressed blazer and suit combo, her glasses set upon her nose and her gaze steady. She had questions, and she believed she had some experience that could prove beneficial for the East End pack.
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If there was one thing that didn't impress Katherine, it was a power suit. She'd done background checks on Laura before admitting her to the pack, so she knew that the woman used to be a witch – and it showed. It was exactly the kind of outfit that one of those fancy pants high up witches liked to wear and it did nothing to make Katherine feel like this was a person she could trust.

Katherine herself was dressed in her usual battered leather jacket and jeans, lounging in a corner of the den away from the rest of the pack. She had an apple in one hand while her other hand rested on the arm of her chair next to her mobile.

She looked up at Laura when she approached, assessing her. "You settling in?"

Still looks like she's here for a job interview, she thought. Not quite at ease.
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It's such a casual meeting- a far cry from the meetings she'd gone to preciously in the US, or indeed even a faculty meeting. No, this was mostly public, relaxed- Laura almost wondered if a bottle of beer wouldn't be remiss from the scene.

"Quite well," she says warmly. "It's a wonderful pack, and I'd like to thank you for welcoming me to it so readily."
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"Glad to hear it."

She bites into her apple. Presumably Laura is here for something other than to say how great everything is, so Katherine will just wait for her to spill.
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Straight to business, then, she can summize, from the way the Alpha looks at her. Very well.

"I'm not very familiar with the English government here, so you'll have to pardon my missteps, but- is there any particular reason that we're not allowed representation on the Night Council?" She knew shifters on the whole were, but they were something else entirely. "It strikes me as odd that Islington has representation, especially considering their actions in recent history, and yet we have none." She says it with a smile, carefully worded and not accusatory. An innocent question, almost.

Then, she adds: "No one seems to be able to give me an answer."

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Before the full moon in June, if that's good with you!

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Ellie is sitting down in the commons, a book open on the coffee table and some half-assed notes in her lap.

She'd only been with the pack for a couple of weeks, and with school finishing for the year, she hadn't had much time to spend in the den. While Ellie doesn't enjoy school very much, she does want to at least pass the year. So here she is, trying to be social and meet other werewolves while working on her final essay.

Also, Sherman's making a communal dinner. Ellie isn't sure it was meant to be communal at first, but then he'd asked if she liked shepherd's pie. She did, so he was making that. Not that Ellie would really turn anything down.

Ellie hears a set of footsteps coming down the way and sniffs the air. Luck is on her side, because the draft brings the smell to her. It's vaguely familiar, beyond the underlying scent of werewolf Ellie is learning to recognize. That probably means she's part of the pack, or at least has been here a lot.

Ellie waves when she comes into view, straightening from her book. She's only met a few of the pack members so far--Katherine, Ghoul, and those who keep similar hours to her. There aren't many, but she'll track them all down once school is out.

For now, though, she smiles just a little. It's another pack member, even if she looks...not like Ellie would imagine a werewolf to look like. Sort of like Mrs. Blatherwick, but more professional.

"Uh, hi. I'm Ellie." Ellie doesn't know if Katherine has introduced her to everyone, or if Ghoul has, or what, but the people so far have accepted her without much fuss, if with a few raised eyebrows.

Two young teenage werewolves joining up around the same time is sort of unusual. Especially when they both have activated curses.
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of course!

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Laura's taken to exploring the den every so often. Ghoul's tour had been informative, but she wanted to see the place for herself. Which meant that every so often, she'd wander into a random room, just to make sure she'd never been in it before.

"Hello," She says warmly, turning to look at the young teen in front of her. Early high school age, she'd guess. "Nice to meet you, Ellie. I'm Laura- are you new here?" She's only been here a few months, but Ellie is an unfamiliar face.
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sorry, my brain fried for a lil bit :c

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Another American! Ellie thinks that's almost a solid quarter of the pack that's from the US. Of course, she has an accent too, but she's not actually American. She just ended up with a bunch of ex-patriots as foster families in the beginning.

"You too--yeah. Um. Yeah, I just joined up a little while ago, but I don't have much time to actually spend here yet..." Ellie gestures to her book. Well, it's not like she doesn't take off school and wander the streets half the time, but she needs to try and finish off the year strong.

"You?" Certainly longer than Ellie, but many of the pack members are sort of new. It seems like people tend to come and go a lot, which isn't a terrible thing, but Ellie doesn't like the idea. "You sound like you're from America..."
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no worries!

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Laura glances at her books and nods. "Well, it's almost summer. You'll be absolutely sick of the free-time by the end of it." She certainly tended to be chomping at the bit to get back to the classroom.

She nods. "New York, by way of Pennsylvania," she says.
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It really has been a long time coming. Between then and now, Allison has surely made some assumptions, met different people, tried to find some direction while living in London. It's been a little isolating recently, but that is her fault entirely. Maybe it's a bout of homesickness for a place that had only just begun to feel like home to her.

When she's invited to Nancy's ( boyfriend's? ) place, she doesn't hesitate this time. When someone has extended friendship, Allison knows better than to reject it.

She takes a seat in the sitting room, lips pursed to the side. "Ah – water's good. Please."
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"Not to assume but – I kind of assumed." Allison laughs, somewhat relieved at least to have that out in the open instead of speculating because. Well. It's cool. There weren't official witches in Beacon Hills, as far as she knew, anyway. She watches as the glass finishes filling itself before looking up at her friend once more.

Questions first, then her own confession later.

"Were you born a witch?"

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For Laura, mid-June

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The call from the East End Pack was unexpected to say the least. Sylvia knows they'd had a rather public falling-out with Circle Daybreak following the unfortunate events in Richmond. As always, she offers help and sanctuary to the witches affected by the takeover. As for the wolves... she's not sure what's going on with them. Did they collectively agree to end their alliance with Circle Daybreak or was there a rebellion?

Either way, they live in interesting times.

Sylvia only has one office left and she hasn't been available to most since she's bogged down in talks with her lawyers. Perhaps a chat with a werewolf will be a welcome change of pace.

"Come in," she calls, standing up when she hears the knock at the door. "You must be Laura."

Stepping forward, she holds out her hand, regarding Laura with an appraising look. From the little research she's done, Laura is new to the pack. Interesting that they'd send a new recruit.
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It's an odd feeling, knowing she's going to meet the former Mother of Witches (was there a term for that?). She could not care less that Sylvia was the former Night Council President, though it was an important fact she'd made a careful note of. No, the fact that she was the former Mother of Witches hit a deep chord in Laura, some sort of homesickness, the same she'd experienced at Beltane. She missed the magic.

Laura enters, and moves toward the desk, hand extended. She gives her a good, firm handshake. "Yes- lovely to make your acquaintance, Sylvia. And thank you for agreeing to meet with me. I know you must be incredibly busy."

Laura herself was on summer holiday. That, she firmly believed, was the best part about being a teacher.
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"Yes," Sylvia agrees, smiling as she shakes Laura's hand. She won't go into the details of what exactly she's busy with. The newspapers are chronicling that for the benefit of all. "Well, it's not often that I get a call from the East End Pack. Please feel free to take a seat. Would you like a drink? Tea? Coffee?"

It'll take a minute or two to sort out the pleasantries, Sylvia calling for an assistant to bring in the appropriate drinks, then she gestures for Laura to join her in the seating area in one corner of the office. There's a coffee table, comfortable sofas and a pot plant, all designed to make it feel like a more informal, friendly place to have a chat. And hot drinks too, of course.

Sylvia pours her tea, adding milk before stirring. "So, how is the pack?"
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"Tea would be lovely, thank you," Laura says, taking a seat. She sets her purse down at her feet.

Laura sets a few sugar cubes into her tea cup before she pours, only adding milk after. "Good- I've really been enjoying my time there. It's a different experience, from what I'm used to." She sets her spoon to the side. "We've seen many losses, but I think it's only made us more unified." She hadn't been here for the bounties on pelts, but the murders still deeply disturbed her.

"I will say, joining the East End pack has really been the most welcoming experience I've had in a long time." She really can only speak fondly for it, for those she'd met there. There were a lot of kids, it seemed, young people. Hopefully, most of them hadn't activated their curse.
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"Good," Sylvia says, mildly approving. She sips her tea. "I'd heard you were divided over your friendship with my people. Perhaps I was mistaken?"

She hasn't heard much to suggest that the wolves are in any way unified right now – but then everything she has heard has always been in context of their dealings with Circle Daybreak, not the pack acting alone.

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