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lord we know what we are, but not what we may be [closed to cooper]

Set a few hours after this thread.

Warnings: likely mentions of child abuse, sexual abuse, prostitution, domestic abuse, and criminal activities.


There's a bit of grease on Nancy's jeans as she pushes open the door to Cooper's apartment, one arm carrying a large brown bag. She puts her purse down next to the front door immediately as she comes in, calling: "Cooper! I'm home- stopped in at the shops on my way home, thought I'd pick up some more gin, and that whiskey you like." He should be home- he didn't have a Night Council meeting, and since he'd been returned from the Other Realm, he'd been laying low. She didn't blame him.

She's fresh from work, clear from the smell of oil that clings to her skin as she puts the bag of alcohol on the front-hall table. The gin she'd grabbed for herself was the cheap brand she usually drank, while the whiskey, actually paid for, was from a higher shelf. She knew what her boyfriend liked to drink, and she wanted to provide it for him, when needed.

Once she turned to take her shoes off, that's when she noticed it. The tiny pieces of what she assumed had once been a vase, nearly pulverized. The alcohol is immediately forgotten about as she calls out again, a note of worry in her voice: "Cooper? What happened?" She steps further into the apartment. "Did Juliet break a vase?" She can only hope it was that. But this wasn't the first time she'd come home to broken vessels in her entry-way. Far, far from it.

As Cooper was about to learn.
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Cooper is sitting at the table, his hands folded in front of him, and there was a few new holes that had been put into the wall. The majority of his temper had been spent, but there was still enough left over that had been stewing for several hours now. Oh, he was going to wring Dodger's neck good and proper after he had a talk with Nancy.

He waits until she's in front of him and his face is serious as the grave. Without so much as a preamble, he starts in. "Who is Bill?" Uh-oh, Nancy. The day she'd been dreading has finally arrived.
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There's a deep frown on Cooper's face and the look he's giving Nancy with his blue eyes could have burned a hole right through her. He doesn't move from his position at the table.

"Dodger came by earlier. Little finger-smith told me the most interesting story 'bout a witch and some werewolf she got involved with back when she was young." And don't think that beneath the anger there wasn't a good portion of Cooper that was disturbed at just how young Nancy must have been to be getting involved with Bill. She's only twenty, and no matter how much he loves her, sometimes she still seems like a child to him even now.
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Her willingness to downplay her past just makes Cooper all the madder. "Oh? Just your ex? That's all?" He says sarcastically. It's not just that he's jealous. Cooper had always accepted there were going to men in Nancy's past. It's how she lied to him. The way Dodger had made it sound was that Bill had been a significant part of her life. And she had never mentioned him, not even a passing mention of an old flame that was done and over with.

"You lied," he says, voice shaking with fury. "You lied to me." He thought they'd agreed to be honest with one another, but apparently that only ran one way.
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"It's complicated. Don't give me some old platitude right now." Please. He had a teenage body but he wasn't stupid. Feeble excuses were not going to cut it when he was this angry.

Her continued words only serve to rile him up further. He wrenches his arm away from her touch. "Right. You conveniently forgot to tell me about someone who was in your life for God only knows how many years 'n that would probably still be around if he wasn't locked up in the slammer!" She'd been lying to him for two years now.

How was he supposed to feel about that?
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"He told me enough. I didn't want t'hear more than I had to. Christ, Nancy, I knew you'd had it rough in your past before, but this was something else!" He's still furious after what he's heard from Dodger about her past. It was sordid and dark, nothing that he had ever wanted to hear.

Some of the anger leaves his tone. "I'm not just mad at you and I'm not disgusted by what you did back then. Fagin didn't leave you a whole lot of options in your life." Just another reason he wanted to track down that old fae one of these days and devour him whole. Dodger had made it clear that this stretched all the way back to Nancy's childhood, getting involved with the fae.

"But when I think about how young you were, gettin' involved with some older creep like that, it makes me want to go find the fucker 'n rip his goddamn head off." He really would if he had any way to get inside the prison without getting caught.
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He runs a hand over his hair, still too mad to start comforting Nancy as she cries. "Shit. I'm not sure if I want to throw up or hit somebody." Preferably that stupid werewolf and fae until both their faces caved in. She'd been through so much and he'd never known. He feels like an awful fool, the worst sort, because he'd never even bothered to ask. She's had all this in her past for years and he didn't know one whit of it till Dodger came strolling through his door.

"I just wanna know why you didn't tell me any of this. I could've handled it. You didn't need to lie 'n hide things from me." He probably would've reacted even worse than he is right now, but that was beside the point.
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Cooper's still fairly upset and he considers throwing another vase at the wall. God, things were all messed up now, and he had no idea how they were ever going to fix this. He wasn't even sure it was something that could be fixed. This was a big blow to their relationship. How did one get past the specter of a man that Nancy still had on her mind?

Then Nancy defends Bill. Cooper all but explodes into another towering temper of rage. "Not a bad person? Bull! He had you out on the streets when you were a child! 'N doin' God knows what else to you!" He folds his arms, standing up straight so he can use every inch he has over Nancy. "Did he hit you?" Dodger had alluded to as much without actually saying. "'Cause that ain't love, no matter how many times he said he was sorry."